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Fun Facts: o - Louis did finish school and went to college where he studied creative subjects. Where the heck do you buy turn of the century maids' clothes? I think I may have to modernize this look a little. Four years later, Louis could be seen in Farcore again, he had a job as bar staff and worked most nights there. For my friend's purpose which is fantasy enactment, this will be just fine for now hosekeeper should last a little while.

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Me posing in my Flirty Maid uniform. Louis went to comfort Dan and found out what happened was that he Flkrty another run in with his father.

Flirty housekeeper wanted

Louis ended up spending a lot of time with Dan and eventually the two became friends. I should be more careful to ask for what I want, so I'm back in the market for something more like traditional clothing.

He wears a collar around his neck, no particular reason, he just does. % %.

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Whilst he was kinnda of a butt, he still had his charms, from a young age he houseeeper out he could be Flrty flirty and discovered he worked well on others. One night Dan had come home from school and later on, Louis doing his job, went to his room to ask him about what he wanted to eat, only to find Dan curled up on his bed crying.

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Flirty housekeeper wanted

His hair colour is the same colour as most Somali cats. Femdom Mistress Humiliates Pink Sissy Slut Maid with Strapon · Webcam models wanted · Advertisers. His ear tips and tail tip has darker, tinted colour. Louis left first, Dan hosuekeeper a little later whilst he gathered his belongings.

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Like all costumes, the fabric is not the best quality and the workmanship isn't either. In left ear, he has two hoop piercing.

Flirty housekeeper wanted

For a party or Halloween costume that will be used once, this is a good deal. I'm pretty sure he wanted something that would be serviceable a little more long term. Well Duh, It says that in the product description!

It is unknown if he has any siblings or what housekeeeper relationship is actually like with his family. — K. It fits nicely and looks cute, but it is a costume. Louis knew this was how his parents met and often was fond of how his parents lived their lives which was why his decided he wanted to serve some one too, to be the best butler or footman he could ever be, just like his parents or that is, to him, his parents were housskeeper best.

Flirty housekeeper wanted

They don't speak again for a while after Dan shows up and they only get together for drinks. He was cheeky, childish and often made remarks that. First, we reported on "sexy maids," which were houseieeper offer for parties, events and There are four classes of outfits available: strictly professional French maid outfits for the gals, and black and white looks for the guys), flirty.

Flirty housekeeper wanted

the flirty maid photos. Furious, Edward hissed loudly and demanded both leave his house and never come back.

Flirty housekeeper wanted

I am not sending this back, it is exactly what they advertised in the listing and quite houeekeeper at that. It is unknown what he actually feels for Dan. One of the nights as rather upset Dan stepped foot in that very bar to drink some of his sorrows away, this was how Louis and Dan met each other again. Not too long wantde their session, the door slammed open and Edward came storming in, his intentions were to punish Dan for interfering with his meeting earlier but was in sheer shock to find his son and house staff in bed with each other.

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His hair is short and his bangs are clipped back. Before they knew it, the pair were at it like ally cats. Family: Not much is known about his family, all we know is that his parents worked as serving staff some where.

Flirty housekeeper wanted

Louis was 19 when he got the job at the Morimoto household and was a while, he got on just fine, half of the staff hated him, it seemed about right for him.

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