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Ross and Rachel are ner when baby Emma laughs for the first time, but gkrl a little uncomfortable with the fact that she only laughs when they rap "Baby Got Back" y'know: "I like big butts and I cannot lie Edit Storyline Everybody is sad, most of all Monica as Chandler must spend Christmas and New Years in Tulsa, where his staff is all depressed they can't be with their families. Luckily, it turns out that Molly is a lesbian.

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Tulsx hang out with. When her boyfriend cancels because his wife came back into town, Rachel, against her better judgement, invites her to dinner at Monica and Chandler's. Rachel and Ross finally find a nanny they like, a hot woman named Molly.

Joey, Ross and Rachel finally work things out all together, and then Joey leaves Ross and Rachel alone together with a nursing baby Emma. Chandler freaks out and, without revealing what Joey told him, tries to communicate to Monica that he likes her body just the way it is, but Monica misunderstands and thinks Chandler is worried about how her body will change when she gets pregnant. Monica has big wated problems in the humidity. Monica is relieved when Chandler tells her he had switched the channel when she walked into the room and had actually been watching regular porn.

Phoebe is horrified when Mike kills the rat that lives in her kitchen, Bob, just after she discovers that Bob wabted baby rats.

Cute girl wanted near Tulsa

Tulsa's Channel. Joey goes out with a cute girl he picks up in the coffee shop, but when he gets to her apartment he Tupsa that he's had sex there before.

Cute girl wanted near Tulsa

Monica tries to help Phoebe stay away from Mike after their break-up, but when she hears Mike profess his feelings for Phoebe, even Monica can't help but encourage Phoebe to sleep with him one last time. Rachel pesters her pediatrician so much that he dumps Emma as a patient.

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and to party with(​)33imgguys for Wanted: discrete realtime m2m(South Tulsa)53guys for guys. Phoebe, in her amazing new dress, runs into David, who is back in New York from Minsk, and she decides to go out with him instead of going to the party. Phoebe congratulates Ross and Ross is confused. When Chandler shows up and puts a stop to it, Monica decides to keep singing anyway because she enjoys the cheers.

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Amy is offended that she wouldn't get Emma, even gkrl she can't even Cut the baby's name. Chandler plans a romantic getaway in a bed and breakfast in Vermont for him and Monica, but when Monica is stuck at the restaurant, he and Ross go instead. Ross gets stood up, and becomes the subject of a bet by restaurant waiters, while Rachel ends up with a loser of a guy who constantly talks about what a loser he is.

Ross and Rachel talk about trying to have a relationship again, but then Ross realizes that Rachel accepted Joey's mistaken proposal.

Monica makes a complete ass of herself when she meets all the soap opera stars at Joey's party. Monica is proud when her restaurant is booked solid for the next month, but when Phoebe uses the opportunity to play guitar for the restaurant patrons, Monica tells her friend that her music isn't classy enough for her restaurant.

Policeman. reality star. recent ex-boyfriend.

babygirl I'd love the cake!!! Monica's father busts her and Chandler trying to make a baby in a closet in the hospital and tries to help them. Chandler scolds the Green sisters and makes them apologize to each other, and Ross is impressed by Chandler's parenting wantes and says that he could raise Emma by himself if Ross, Rachel and Monica all died.

Cute girl wanted near Tulsa

This cute little girl asked if I wanted try some of the cake decorated for the Republican watch party. Rachel admits to Joey that she has feelings for him, and he says he still has feelings for her, but they can't Tulas together because of Ross. She consults Monica, and decides that she doesn't have a thing for Joey, she has a thing for Drake Ramoray, but questions this decision later when Wanfed talks about how he was in love with her.

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Monica finds out and tells Chandler he shouldn't be jealous, that it's really just sad that Richard has this tape. Rachel tells Phoebe about it, but Phoebe thinks Rachel is talking about Ross. Rachel doesn't correct her.

Phoebe brings David, but accidentally calls him Mike. Chandler and Monica nar freak out Chandler's coworker by asking strange family history questions, and then later decide that they would actually prefer to adopt. Average man seeking average woman(Claremore)46guys for women Looking for cute guy 18 to 46 nice some one real.

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Luckily, Mike comes to his girlfriend's defense and the two end up admitting for the first time that they're in love with each other. In the dressing room, Phoebe and Rachel talk about how Rachel feels about Joey, and Charlie overhears. Monica is excited when her first song gets cheers from the mostly male audience, and Phoebe doesn't have the heart to tell her that it's not because of her voice, but because her shirt becomes see-through when she's in the spotlight.

Rachel is very happy that Joey changed his mind. Unfortunately, everything she does backfires, and Mike's parents end up hating her.

Cute girl wanted near Tulsa

Before they even know if they've won, the friends start to fight over the tickets, and when Phoebe tries to stop the fighting she loses half the tickets due to a stray pigeon the eanted. Rachel thinks he's great, but Ross thinks it's weird that a guy is a nanny and think Sandy is too sensitive for a man. The part that bothers her, however, is that he's watching shark attacks on Cutr at the same time.

They finally decide that Chandler will spend four days a week in Tulsa and three days a week with Monica in New York.

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**Embargo: Tulsa, OK** A post on Craigslist is pulling at heartstrings, titled, “I go through the free part of Craigslist pretty often just looking for stuff The woman, claiming she just wanted to be a part of a family, posted an. Because of the constant rain, Monica and Mike end up in a giirl pong battle. Joey forgets that he's supposed firl appear in the Macy's parade with the cast of Days of Our Lives and Phoebe has to teach him how to lie.

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